Fun, educational live reptile shows
to delight all ages!

Serving New York State's Capital Region

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Touch a snake!  

Pet a turtle!

See eye to eye with a South American frog! 

Plus, learn how these creatures live, what to do if you meet one in the wild, and more!

At Reptile Adventure, we bring science and fun to your classroom, birthday party, or event!  Our hands-on, interactive shows are a great way to spark interest in young minds; they'll be talking about their experience for days or even weeks afterwards!  Biology, chemistry, ecology, and zoology are just a few of the topics that will be touched upon in every show, inspiring young people to seek out more information on their own or with your help later.

Reptile Adventure educators Brian (left, with Yahzi the Iguana) and Jessica (right, with Hecuba the rubber boa)

Animals include:

Honduran milk snake

Yellow rat snake

Ball python

Central American boa

Columbian redtail boa (regular and albino)

Argentine horned frog

Malayan box turtle

Rubber boa

Blue tongue skink


Spotted turtle (Native NY animal)

Eastern box turtle (Native NY animal

Diamondback terrapin (Native NY animal)

Redfoot tortoise

Tricolor hognose snake

Western hognose snake

Gargoyle gecko

White-lipped treefrog (largest treefrog species in the world!)

Veiled chameleon

Argentine black and white tegu

…and more!

Please note:  We will do our best to accommodate your requests, but specific animals cannot be guaranteed due to shedding and feeding schedules.

Mission Statement:  We strive to bring a cheerful and positive approach to educating with reptiles; to do so without hype, tall tales, or attempts to frighten the audience—just friendly animals, stranger-than-fiction facts, and sensitive, knowledgeable educators.

Certificate of insurance available upon request

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